i signed my dog up for 15 dating websites


my follower count vaguely looks like the word boob and ive been laughing really hard everytime i check on it this is the maximum level of comedy you will find here on this web blog


refrigerator door texture 


wish tumblr had a partner program like youtube so I can make 8 dollars a month reblogging pictures of anime girls


*turns light off* *remembers a creepypasta* *turns light back on*



can someone from the sports side of tumblr explain this


it is angry

me: *sees a boy*
me: :(

so today we hung out at kmart for 2 fucking hours and i crashed into a shelf and then my brother and i played with all the balls they had every single ball and we tried to ride on little kid scooters but it didnt work we just kind of moved forward an inch and then fell over it was pretty sad and we did wierd things in front of the security cameras mostly like humping movements and then i set up a little toddler trampoline in the corner of the store and that was awesome n after all that we finally got our sweet ass bikes man we got theeemmmm got that shit !!

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